Prezi is a web application through which you can make presentations perhaps even more attractive than those made in Microsoft Office PowerPoint.

Launched a few years ago, the presentation platform called Prezi appears as an original and challenging alternative to solutions in the field, offering a dynamic and creative perspective on the feeling of interactivity and how to be online in the explanatory and illustrative use of multimedia resources.

Among the many alternatives that have appeared on the market in recent years, Prezi has distinguished itself through a series of innovations, at the core of which was a fundamentally new perspective in terms of presentation. Developed by IT specialists of Zui Labs from Hungary, the program is accessible since 2009 for users from all over the world interested in finding alternatives to existing presentation programs. Although far from dethroning PowerPoint, used in the segment of multimedia presentation applications that serves a wide range of users from business to education, Prezi has established itself not so much among the average user, beneficiary of the application packages of multinational companies in the field (especially Microsoft and Apple), but in the narrower spectrum of those interested in innovative solutions.

Prezi is a non-linear means of presentation (without successive frames), based on an overall surface (a kind of virtual canvas or blackboard), on which different elements (texts, graphs, images, symbols, multimedia elements, integrated web objects) can be placed freely. The way of navigating among the elements is carried out through the different types of movement on the virtual surface: plane changes (zoom), rotation, directional movements.

The platform is based on flash technology, being accessible online (via an internet browsing program) or offline (desktop editor). The firm offers various packages from Free to Pro, including the Edu version. They differ mainly in the amount of storage space, the public/private nature of the presentations and the ways of editing online/offline. The rapid spread of Prezi is most likely due to the fact that its basic features consonate with some recent trends in the audiovisual field: the technique of plans (zoom) widely used in cinema, television, videos, computer games, interactivity, integration of multimedia content, spread of infographics, online surface, etc.

Differences between Prezi and PowerPoint

Account creation

1. Access www.prezi.com;

2. Select the For Students option;

3. Fill in the required fields with data;

4. Separate the Students & Educator and the button ;

The account is a free account and that offers us many benefits. One of the main differences between a free account and a premium one is that in the case of a free account the presentations are public.

5. Again, the role we have within the organization is selected and student is chosen;

After creating the account, there is no need to go through these steps. The www.prezi.com will be accessed and the Login button selected.

Graphical interface

After logging into your account, the Control Panel is displayed, which includes types of projects that may include movies, interacting maps, graphs, reports, posters, etc.

For more information about the types of projects that can be carried out with this application, watch the video located at the address https://prezi.com/video/.

By selecting the button you can access your own pane.

Management and editing operations

Create a project


1.From the own panel choose the type of project and select +

2. In the window that opens you can select the templates made available by Prezi or start using a blank project type. Also, from the right side of the window you can choose: category, color palette.

3. A title is given to the project and it is established who can view the project.

Edit a project

Regardless of the type of project chosen, the application allows placing contents, symbols, other graphic and multimedia elements, grouping (framing), arranging, respectively animating them.

Operations that can be performed during a presentation:

–        Setting the style – the button 

–        Insert items – button 

Elements that can be inserted:

v File – Image, video, pdf files from your own computer

v Image – Images from your own computer or directly from the Internet

v You Tube – Video files from You Tube – by inserting directly the link to them. The advantage is that they will charge and run very fast.

v PowerPoint Slides

  • Text

–        Changing the order of the slides

New slides automatically appear in the presentation structure. We can change their order very simply by holding down the left click and taking them where we want.

This can be done by selecting the button

  • Deleting slides
  • If we want to delete a slide, click on the Edith path button. Once accessed, we place the mouse on a slide and click the red X above it.
  • View presentation – button
  • Presentation distribution – button

Saving the project

The completed presentations are automatically saved online and will be in the user’s account. One of the main differences between a free and a premium account is that with a free account the presentations are public. This is worth considering when entering confidential information.

View available projects

      In its own panel, all project is selected

The project can be presented, distributed by sending the link. From the project panel choose the project and from the bottom right hand side select .

 Contributors can be added and assigned editing, commenting or presentation rights.


1. Make an interactive map that you can use in Geography classes. Work in groups of 3 students. Distribution of the project by assigning the editing right to 2 more colleagues. Share the link with your other colleagues by assigning them the right to view.

2. Make a presentation with the notions learned in the discipline geography.